homeopathic medicine for Alopecia, homeopathic medicine for hair loss

10 Hair loss Homeopathic Medicine: Alopecia Treatment

hair lossACIDUM PHOSPHORICUM- Alopecia along with premature graying of hairs along with great mental debility. Hair loss from scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. alopecia due to ailment of grief or mental shock. Weakness of memory, difficult to find correct word while speeking as patient is unable to collect his thoughts, because of weakness of memory. Low sexual power with night emission, Patient complains of prostatorrhoea, while defecation. Patient feels better from keeping himself warm, and feels worse from exertion, and sexual excess. Sever pain in joints and bones with marked debility.

WEISBADEN- It helps to grow hair rapidly and helps to convert gray hair into darker shade. New hair growth replace fallen hairs very fast. Mentally patient is full of anxiety, depressed, impatient and hope less. Males get excited easily with involuntary emission and unbearable itching on genitals. Homeopathic medicine for hair loss- Alopecia

SELENIUM MET- This homeopathic medicine is used when patient complains of hairloss from pubic region.

VINCA MINOR- It is excellent homeopathy medicine for alopecia areata, where patient hoss hair in patches and the there after grey hair grow in these bald patches.

THALLIUM- Hair loss after an episode of acute exhausting disease. With heavy perspiration on head. This medicine is capable to grow hairs more rapidly and darker.

NITIC ACID- Hair fall from pubic region because of history of gonorrhea or syphilis.

THUJA OCCI- Patient complains of Diffuse hair loss along with dandruff on the scalp. Dandruff is generally thick and white in color, with intolerable itching on scalp. Best Homeopathic medicine for Hair loss with history of suppressed gonorrhea or due to ill effect of vaccination. Excessive sour, honey like smelling sweat all over except head.

FERRUM PHOS- Patient complains of great weakness and prostration both mentally and physically due to low hemoglobin level in blood. Patient is anaemic with excessive hair loss from the scalp.

CALCAREA CARBONICA- It is homeopathic medicine for Diffuse hair loss in patients who are fat, fair and flabby- constitutionally. Patient complains of hair loss in well defined patches. Very chilly patient with excessive sweat on scalp. High craving for boiled eggs.

PHOSPHORUS- Complains of hair loss during typhoid fever. Patient have Diffuse hair loss with unusual craving of salty things, non-veg food, chicken, cold drinks and ice creams. Constitutionally patients is tall, thin and slender in physical appearance.

Best Homeopathic Medicine Hair loss Alopecia


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